Mission Statement

Our mission is to pursue health care excellence in partnership with those we serve.

Our vision is to become…
…The hospital for patients, physicians and volunteers of the North State;
…The resource for advanced medicine, ethical clinical excellence and service;
…The health leader respected for integrity, community involvement, health initiatives and partnership;
…The employer of choice for our staff, offering them the opportunity to make a positive impact in our community.

We will accomplish this mission and vision by committing ourselves to:
    - Collaborate with our physicians to place patients and their needs first in everything
       we do.
    - Strive to provide state of the art work place practices and competitive wages &
    - Offer a wide range of diversified services that meet the health care needs of our        community.
    - Demonstrate teamwork using honest, clear and respectful communication.
    - Be fiscally responsible with our resources.
    - Incorporate innovative and evidence-based practices into the healing environment.
    - Offer advanced technology.
    - Adopt best practices to further enhance the level of care and service.
    - Continuously seek feedback followed by action to further improve a patient-centered        environment.
    - Demonstrate integrity, honesty and ethical behavior.
    - Become involved in and/or create Community Health Initiatives.
    - Passionately communicate our successes.