Services: The Surgical Weight Control Program
Shasta Regional’s Surgical Weight Control Program offers surgical solutions to people who are clinically obese (overweight) and have been unsuccessful at reducing their weight through regular diet and exercise. The comprehensive program features laparoscopic and open Roux-en-Y bariatric surgery. The Medical Center began offering this service in November of 2002.

Members of the Surgical Weight Control Team include a medical director, two specially trained surgeons, a program coordinator, a registered dietitian, social services and chaplaincy support, a specially-trained surgical staff, surgical floor nurses and associated team members.

Our comprehensive program includes extensive medical, nutritional and psychological evaluation before patients are accepted in the program. Additionally, patients are required to attend support group meeting before and after surgery. This helps prepare them for success and to make the life-long changes that are necessary for losing weight and meeting long-term goals.

To learn more about Shasta Regional Medical Center’s Surgical Weight Control Program, please:
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                 o  e-mail dianne.livingston
                 o  Support Group Information
       - call 530.247.1757

To visit a web site designed for people throughout the country who are addressing their obesity, please click on

Physicians who are credentialed to offer this procedure at Shasta Regional Medical Center are:
     Mark Nichols, M.D. – 530-244-2882
     James Stone, M.D. – 530-244-2882

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